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If so how are you being accepted as a kidney dialysis patient? As a parent I feel I would save any organs for my only child if she ever needed any. Some of that time is still blocked out but i was then given what they called a central line to give me kidney dialysis because the kidneys didnt work. While i had the central line in i was put on peritoneal dialysis . I was hospitalized for 3 months and i was sent home to do kidney dialysis at home. Going to appointments then going home and getting hooked up to a machine for about 11-12 hours a night. And i have been doing hemodialysis ever since then.

My sister and her husband were just involved in that fairly new program and it was the first transplant from the program done at Brigham and Womens hospital. After a infection with one peritoneal dialysis tube they put a fistula in my arm for the possibilty of hemodialysis. I was getting my peritoneal dialysis machine all set up and my mom walked into my room and told me the hospital called. Since then i have moved from BC, Canada (where i used to live) to Nova Scotia, Canada where i am now and the doctors here are working to get me another kidney.

But, to make it work here in Canada, you also have to let your family know about your wishes, or even better yet have it in your will as well. if it were any of my family members, or a close friend... i wouldn't be able to see him everyday and watch him abuse it. There was a possibility I was going to have to donate a kidney for my brother when he was young.

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My brother in law did not have a match, so my sister donated her kidney into the program and they in turn find a match for him. It is a great program and I think it will save many more lives. Mine was caused by a illness i have called Systemic Lupus(SLE). To my surprise the infections with peritoneal dialysis kept happening and 5 or 6 dialysis tubes later i was put on the tranplant list. I know transplants arent forever but they are certainly better than having to do dialysis and suffer the side effects from it.

I was diagnosed when i was 11 and was told that flare-ups were a sign of the lupus. I had been a fairly healthy from the age of 11-15 . When i get my next kidney i know it will be because someone took the time to say yes to being a organ donor .

Here is BC you cant have organ donor on your licence.

You actually have to be registered, as well as letting your family know of your wishes.

And i was told that if i had 3 flare-ups i would have to go on kidney dialysis because by then my kidneys would be shut down and not working anymore. Which i think is one of the most wonderful things someone can do for another person. I hope it can help others who are doing the same or are thinking about donating.

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