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The sibling rivalry that existed between them as children and then as debutantes, is still there.

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Annabel (left) is so close to her sister Camilla that she even accompanied her on her royal honeymoon Annabel is an accomplished interior designer and antiques dealer.

Her elder sister, Camilla, has, of course, risen to become HRH the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Duchy of Cornwall, which provides Prince Charles with a multi-millionaire's lifestyle, had just published its latest accounts and among them - by no means for the first time - was Annabel Elliot's name.

It cropped up in relation to payment of £103,000 for 'consultancy fees' and providing furniture and furnishings for work carried out on several of the Duchy's holiday cottages, as well as on the Prince's new hideaway in Wales.

'And she always had such good taste that she would have made a perfect duchess, which you can't seriously say about Camilla.' While Camilla plunged into the whirl of the Sixties London social scene, Annabel went to Italy to study art and fell in love - not with a man, but with Florence.

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