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To take it even further,she should title the album 'Middle Finger' Her way of saying "F you" to the haters. I've always said when black folks do rock n' roll, there's something different about it.

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Let’s start with your name: I assume the shift from Sly The Mic Buddah to Sly Johnson symbolizes your transition from beatboxer to full-fledged vocalist. You were born to sing.’ I felt I was hiding behind the beatboxing, behind the ability to capture the voices of others and their individual nuances; now, there’s no more hiding. Your given name is Silvère – where did Sly come from?

It’s very difficult to hide when you sing soul music… And Johnson – nor particularly a French-sounding name for a Parisian… Then, my favorite singers – Donny Hathaway, who to me is one of the greatest – he makes me cry every time…

The last track on the album – “” (the date of your birth) – features very personal spoken word in French.

Can you tell our readers what the lyrics are about? We’ve been on tour since September 2010, when the album came out in France, and we’re ending in August.

This is a very special song; I talk about me and how I grew up without my mother [who passed away]; how my father survived with small children; how music was helpful to me – like a mother. It’s been great to see a surprising new public appreciating my music – people of all ages: very young to very old, and people of all colors: black, yellow, brown, red… I’m working on some new music, and I also collaborated with Lulu Gainsbourg on “Couleur Café,” a song on her upcoming homage album to her father, Serge Gainsbourg.

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