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These carefully planned and presented introductions are also an excellent way for professionals to develop perspectives on, and identify trends in complex technologies.

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This Systematic Literature Review (SLR) focuses on integrated NFV/SDN architectures and has the following goals: i) to investigate and provide an in-depth review of the state-of-the-art of NFV/SDN architectures, ii) to synthesize their architectural designs, and iii) to identify areas for further improvements.

In a broad view, this SLR will encourage researchers to advance the current stage of development (i.e., the state-of-the-practice) of integrated NFV/SDN architectures, as well as to shed some light on future research efforts and their challenges.

We then survey how these perspectives have and have not been used in actual computational creativity research, as well as what new perspectives on creativity have arisen specifically from computer science, and make recommendations for how they should be used by this field in the future.

The main achievements of spatio-temporal modelling in the field of Geographic Information Science over the past three decades are surveyed.

Notwithstanding the growing impact on scientific research, there is no agreement upon a definition of Pilot-Job system and no clear understanding of the underlying abstraction and paradigm.

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