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Although there are lots of quotes about graduation, the most meaningful may be a phrase or saying you come up with yourself.

If you're writing a letter or card to a special grad, what was a piece of advice or bit of inspiration you wish someone would have shared with you when you were a graduating high school student?

As Aquinas wrote in his commentary on Matthew: “So it must be said that there are two kinds of peace, namely, good and bad.” (This also explains what Jesus next says in the chapter—that He came to pit sons against their fathers and daughters against their mothers.) This seems unduly harsh—to be sure, we must forsake all worldly attachments in following Christ, but did Jesus really want this would-be disciple to leave his father unburied?

John Chrysostom explains: “This saying does not condemn natural affection to our parents, but shows that nothing ought to be more binding on us than the business of heaven; that to this we ought to apply ourselves with all our endeavors, and not to be slack, however necessary or urgent are the things that draw us aside.

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