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This has allowed the questioning of one of the underlying assumptions of ), and thus dating technique is serving the further research on another. The long-living Bristlecone Pine (Pinus aristata) of California has yielded a sequence extending back to c 9000 bp.In Ireland, oak preserved in bogs has produced a SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: absolute dating; chronometry CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: Any technique of dating that relies on chronological measurement such as calendars, radiocarbon dates, etc.

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This provided a dating method for the southwestern Pueblo villages.

CATEGORY: chronology DEFINITION: A chronometrically dated chronology which is not yet tied in to calendar years.

CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: A diagram in the form of a schematized tree with many branching lines at one end and uniting into a single trunk at the other -- used to record the analysis of tree-ring widths for a sample(s).

It is then compared to a master chronology in dendrochronology studies.

A floating chronology is a decipherable record of time that was terminated long ago.

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