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The listing of English translations has been extended by W. Where publications are related to one another in some way (e.g., English translations of earlier works in French), links are provided in both directions. Discours prononcé à la distribution des prix du Lycée de Sens, le 6 août, 1883.

Finally, as we add full texts of Durkheim's works to this site, you will be able to view the text by clicking on the "Full text" indicator at the end of the bibliographic reference.

"Richard, G., Essai sur l'origine de l'idée de droit." Revue philosophique 35: 290-96.

De la division du travail social: étude sur l'organisation des sociétés supérieures.

"Gumplowicz, Ludwig, Grundriss der Soziologie." Revue philosophique 20: 627-34.

"Les Études de science sociale." Revue philosophique 22: 61-80. Spencer, Ecclesiastical Institutions: part 6 of Principles of Sociology (see tr.

This bibliography was itself the result of a great deal of work by Lukes himself, depending upon earlier bibliographies like those contained in Harry Alpert's Emile Durkheim and His Sociology (1939) and the bibliography prepared by Armand Cuvillier for the Durkheim centenary issue of the Revista mexicana de sociologia (1959). As Lukes has warned us, the quality of the translations of Durkheim's works varies enormously from the very poor to the excellent. Eventually these capabilities will be available here, through your web browser.

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