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This movie also has an appropriate soundtrack to go with it.

One more thing, this movie is surely hilarious and I think most of the people will like it.

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The most important message in this movie I personally think is 'nothing is impossible if you just believe' and 'the fear of being rejected' as these messages are vital in the life as a teenager nowadays.

Overall, this movie fulfill most of the important aspects that one movie should have. The casts managed to express their character well and this is quite remarkable as most of them are young actors like Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray.

Her Nomad takes her outside where they share a romantic dance together and Sam realizes that her email friend is the most popular guy in school, Austin Ames.

She runs back to her stepmother's diner before she knows she went to the dance and drops her phone on the way.

One of the reasons for leaving the show was because she found it hard to commute to Yorkshire where the filming was taking place.

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