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If anything, I think that “normalising” nudity is the best way of countering the over-sexualisation of our children. Are we nothing more than a country of prudes where even though it’s easy for boys to access graphic pornography — displaying unnaturally hairless and artificially enhanced young women’s bodies — in seconds on mobile phones and laptops, it’s frowned upon for them to see their own mothers’ naked bodies?

Jules, who runs her own face and body painting business and is married to Nigel, a 45-year-old jeweller, cannot remember her own parents ever being naked in front of her — the closest she got was one holiday, when she says: ‘I remember walking into our hotel room when my father was getting dressed and him moving behind an armchair so I wouldn’t see him without his trousers on.’She has never had any inhibitions about showing her body.

As a therapist I have seen adult men who slept in their mothers’ beds in their teenage years and who later complained of a complete lack of sexual desire.

Although it’s not conclusive evidence it is enough to alert one to the possible dangers.’She adds: ‘If nudity were a totally non-sexual matter we wouldn’t be thinking about this.

'However the average woman will often keep clothes she never wears because they remind her of a good time in her life, or in the hope that they will one day become fashionable again or that she may one day fit into them again.

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